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May 4, 2012 Apr 29, 2012
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Trueman Tuck
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Trueman Tuck, April 29, 2012

Often, I am asked if Trueman Tuck is my birth name and why I do what I do. For the record, yes, Trueman Tuck is my birth name. It was also my grandfather’s name, as well.

As to why I do what I do, it is because I cannot tolerate bullies. I have always tried to intervene and defend both my own interests and the interests of others from bullies. As an individual one cannot be free, if one is living in fear.

I firmly believe that all individual human beings have sovereign supremacy over all material things in the world, especially the ruling classes and ultra-wealthy global Elites, such as the Rothschilds. As self-determining individuals, we possess an enormous capacity to shape our world for either good or evil. My motivation has always been to defend not only my inalienable rights and freedoms, but those of others against tyranny.

Since the beginning of time, good people have had to organize into collectives/tribes in order to have sufficient knowledge, resources and manpower to defend against evil tyranny.

Together, I believe we can largely manifest the material realities around us based upon understanding and utilizing the elements of Cosmic Law and Natural Law.

Cosmic Law [See Exhibit 1]:

We have certain laws functioning on the physical realm, governing the mental realm and operating in the astral realm. Cosmic laws explain the inexplicable. Human beliefs, biased variations and interpretations do not change their nature or cause them to be non-existent. There are 12 cosmic laws that need to be brought forward. They include:

  1. The Law of Divine Oneness;
  2. The Law of Vibration;
  3. The Law of Action;
  4. The Law of Correspondence;
  5. The Law of Cause and Effect;
  6. The Law of Compensation;
  7. The Law of Attraction;
  8. The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy;
  9. The Law of Relativity;
  10. The Law of Polarity;
  11. The Law of Rhythm;
  12. The Law of Gender.

Natural Law:

The foundation of the law of nature and the law of revelation depend on all human laws. Both the divine law and the natural law leave a man at his own liberty; but, it is not necessary for the benefit of society to restrain within certain limits. Human laws are only declaratory of and act in subordination to former.

The laws of eternal justice are so interwoven with the happiness of each individual that the latter cannot be attained but by observing the former; and, if the former be punctually obeyed, it cannot but induce the latter. This is the foundation of what is called the ethics or natural law.

In Canada, we are very fortunate that our De Jure Canadian Rule of Law, Implied Bill of Rights, Written and Unwritten Constitution and international contracts such as the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights all re-enforce the fundamental principles of individual sovereign rights and freedoms [See Exhibits 2, 3, 4 & 5].

In my more than 64 years experience, I find that the majority of individuals are good and want to live in a stable, civilized, democratic and secure society based on the Rule of Law, Truth, Justice, Peace and Freedom. The problem is that there are always evil individuals who, using organized gangs, are determined to do whatever they have to in order exploit, assert ownership and control over other lives and property. This battle between good and evil has been ongoing since the beginnings of mankind. Evil, sociopathic bullies seize control by the use of intimidation, fear and violence.

I have always tried to live my life as free as possible, in a responsible manner and following the golden rule to treat others as you wish to be treated. In today’s modern high tech feudal age, this is not an easy thing to do.

Government, quasi-government and non-government gangs have largely, directly and indirectly seized control of the majority of the countries throughout the world. Fortunately, in our Canada, we still have an opportunity to stop the erosion of our rights and freedoms and the descent into a communist/socialistic/fascist police state. This can only be accomplished by joining together and protecting each other and using large scale, well financed, well organized and strategic Power to the People GIA Freedom campaigns. We call this the GIA (Grassroots Intelligence Agency) Freedom BeeHive.

We need to be aware that what happens in the U.S. will generally happen in Canada. Canada is a target for ownership and control due to its wealthy and essential resources, such as 25% of the world’s fresh water.

There has been a dismantling of our De Jure Traditional individual sovereign rights and freedoms since 9/11 in Canada and the U.S. Incidents are occurring at an alarming rate. We urge you to carefully read this communication, become informed and involved.

Are you aware of Agenda 21? A recent report from the Daily Caller noted that the Labour Department had withdrawn the highly controversial Agenda 21 regulation that would have outlawed any form of child labor on family farms, but exempted large corporate farms. To many, the defeat of this most recent Agenda 21 initiative marked a victory for the average American.

However, there may be a more ominous message behind the rescinding of this policy. Enforcement agents from a banker-run federal government have recently attacked home food production, raw milk operations and now trying to prohibit children from working on family farms. These attacks are attempting to make Americans and Canadians totally dependant on large government, quasi-government and non-government corporations for their food supply pursuant to UN and Global Elite mandates.

Because of the withdrawal of Agenda 21, it is becoming increasingly clear that the administration was seeking to conceal the rift between its bankster benefactors and the U.S. military. The real reason for the withdrawal of the child farm labor policy had to do with the fact the U.S. military was not willing to murder American farmers on behalf of the Wall Street bankers and their large agricultural partners.

The federal government mandated that enemy Russian paratroopers be trained at Fort Carsen Army base in Colorado Springs, in late May and early June of 2012. As indicated in Mr. Dave Hodges article Red Dawn and the Chicago Spring dated May 3, 2012, “When our sworn enemies have access to our military bases, are policing local baseball games, participating in traffic stops and are playing war games on American soil with Americans as their intended target, maybe we all should be asking more, a lot more, questions before the proverbial fuse is lit. [See Exhibit 6]”

I believe that over 70% of humans are basically decent and well meaning. We have an inner moral compass that checks our behaviour, at least most of the time. The other 20% lack this moral compass. Most of this other 20% act benign most of the time. They are also opportunists. They identify with authority and often are sociopaths. They are attracted to occupations and positions which allow them to wield unchecked power over others. They may work to gain your trust, and then stab you in the back when you become an inconvenience.

Of the evil 20% most are checked by social norms and others’ expectations. But 5% or so are truly bad apples. They are drawn to power and will use opportunities to abuse others to advance their interests. They are capable of killing without remorse. Based on this illustration, some 5% of the whole the population qualifies as a sociopath.

In his article, Sociopathocracy, Professor Steven Yates defined seven characteristics of sociopathic behaviour. It includes:

  1. Sociopaths have no conscience or sincere empathy with others. They are fundamentally conniving and will lie without hesitation to achieve their goals. They have no qualms or regrets about having hurt others.
  2. Sociopaths believe their wants are on a completely different level from those of others, and will use or step on others to get what they want. They believe the end justifies the means.
  3. Sociopaths see themselves as superior, because they don’t have “emotional” or “juvenile” ethics problems.
  4. Sociopaths are unable to accept responsibility if things go wrong. They never apologize for anything.
  5. The sociopathic notion of property rights runs something like this: what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine, too, if I want it.
  6. Sociopaths in power become unhinged and lash out with an attack against the wrong target when disaster strikes.
  7. Sociopaths enjoy bullying and inflicting pain on others.

Professor Yates wrote a very compelling story of Andrew Steven Wordes. Mr. Wordes had continuous harassment from governmental bureaucrats. Finally, on March 26, Fulton County marshals assembled to force him out of his house. A standoff ensued. Moments later, there was an explosion inside the house, which burst into flames. Worde’s body was found later amidst the smouldering ruins. Worde’s death was officially ruled a suicide, the final act of a man driven over the edge by ruthless city and county officials. How many Andrew Worde’s are out there, being harassed to the point of taking lives, either their own or that of others, by sociopathic government officials? [See Exhibit 7]

Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Canada Border Services Agency and the Canada Revenue Agency are examples of sociopathic tendencies in Canada. Because of their escalation of tyranny against healthy foods and traditional natural medicines, I co-founded Friends of Freedom International (FOFI) in the Kingston and Belleville area in 1995.

FOFI has been one of the most active champions of individual sovereign rights and freedoms in Canada, the U.S. and globally for 17 years. Those of us involved in FOFI believe that all individuals are born free and equal. That we are endowed with reason and conscience and that it is important that we act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood espoused in the values and principles found in most major religions and philosophical beliefs around the world.

FOFI steadfastly believes that no local, municipal, national or international government or non-government entity has any right to limit and/or destroy our ability to act within reason or conscience. This is even more important when areas of informed freedom of choice in health care for our personal, family and animal needs. Our recommendations include:

  1. 1. Healthy foods and traditional natural medicines, including dietary supplements, medicinal herb components and other naturally-derived traditional natural medicines, should be regulated separately from allopathic drugs.

They should be on the open market with no limits being applied to dosage levels unless there is substantial proof that shows the necessity of limitations to protect the public from harm or death. Synthetic products and devices must be evaluated for safety and efficacy before being allowed on the open market, whether for human or animal use.

  1. 2. Individual consumers must have access to all evidence, for and against, to better determine what supplements and medicines to take to restore and maintain their health.

It is vital that everyone be provided with truthful information from a variety of sources to enable them to make informed decisions.

  1. 3. Rules and regulations of healthy foods and natural medicines must take into account the diverse needs of individual consumers and the impact on small, medium & large manufacturers and suppliers.

It must focus on ensuring maximum access to natural and safe products and services. It is imperative that there is a level playing field being applied to all foods, beverages, devices, especially with synthetic products, designed for human or animal use.

  1. 4. The government’s role should be limited to ensuring that no false, fraudulent or misleading information is being used in the marketplace.

Every product must be labelled properly, advising the public of its content, use and manufacturing information. When a product is a serious risk or harmful to the public, the government must have the authority to have the product property labelled with a warning to the public to its serious health risks.

  1. 5. The practice of any healing art should be equal in the eyes of the law.

Traditional natural medicines are judged by the standards of allopathic practice that include biochemical science, physics or cultural traditions. We agree that health practices inherently more risky (surgery, radiation, toxic drugs) need strict regulation and detailed reporting of adverse events. On the other hand, practices generally regarded as safe should be given a wide latitude and be available to the public without unnecessary regulation.

Every death of humans and animals must be carefully analyzed and data collected for annual reports on causes of death for information purposes.

The only way to meet the needs of individual consumers is for citizen-control of public health policy. This way, citizens control the private sector initiatives to offer the most cost-effective ways to provide medical and health services.

FOFI has learned how to legally represent our interests without involving the carriage of our legal initiatives by lawyers. We have also learned to lobby and influence those involved in the creation of legislation, regulations, policies, procedures and bureaucratic Red Tape.

Everyone has this ability. In order to be successful, we must be able to differentiate the following basic sovereignty elements. Sovereignty can be classified in two types of categories: De Jure and De Facto sovereignty. De Jure, or legal, sovereignty is the theoretical right to exercise control over one’s subjects. De Facto, or actual, sovereignty is concerned with whether control in fact legally or not exists.

Also, it is imperative to understand the concept of legal entities, their role, jurisdictional limitations and importance. In Canada, there are various types of legal entities involved as sole and aggregate corporations. They include government, quasi-government and non-government corporations, their agents, servants and sub-delegates.

Humans create artificial legal entities. They do not own us, we own and control them. Instead, the tables have turned and it is the corporations who have seized ownership and control of us and our governments. Control and ownership of government and quasi-government corporations needs to be returned to human authority. Corporations cannot be allowed to be equal in any area to human beings and certainly cannot be allowed as is currently happening to become superior in jurisdiction to human beings under the Canadian Rule of Law.

Our GIA Freedom BeeHive needs your membership, social networks, volunteering and financial support in order to turn the tables on our government, quasi-government and non-government corporations. In order to accomplish this, electoral districts must be organized in as many communities as possible with one or two lead GIA Freedom Guardians. We need to be ready and able to defend against any violation contrary to the Canadian Rule of Law, Implied Bill of Rights and Written and Unwritten Constitution.

As a GIA member, you will receive weekly information from us and we will actively assist you in making your local community a better place to live in, thus positively affecting your riding, province and nation.

It is up to you today! Do we want your children and grandchildren’s legacy to be a fair and just Rule of Law, democratic civilized society or an evil world where the gangs rule by fear and intimidation and ignore the Rule of Law?

I urge you today to visit our www.friendsoffreedominternational.org website, review our current E-Directives and send the ones you agree with. We also need you be become a member and make monthly donations in order to ensure we can continue to be effective at championing your interests.

Thank you for caring and wanting to help us make the world a better place for all humans and animals. People Power is a social network process – please pass this on in a freedom chain to at least ten others.

You can read about more examples of the ongoing infringement of our rights and freedoms by reading any or all of the following articles

  1. “Trent Hills ewe tests positive for scrapie” By John Campbell of the Nothumberland News – April 28, 2012
  2. “Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law” By Ethan A. Huff of NaturalNews.com – March 8, 2012
  3. “Russia has little hope for change, says Canadian lawyer who defended jailed oligarcg” By Olivia Ward of The Star.com – March 8, 2012
  4. Twenty shot dead by police in Chinese riot, Herald Sun – March 2, 2012
  5. “Your baby is dead: Mothers say their supposedly stillborn babies were stolen from them” By Kathryn Blaze Carlson – March 23, 2012
  6. “Look who’s suspended in food-police outrage” By Joe Kovacs – March 6, 2012
  7. “Counterfeit Health Products – Agencies Share Best Practices” By Lawrence Cheung
  8. “15 Reasons Why The U.S. Economic Crisis is Really an Economic Consolidation by The Elite Banking Powers” – March 6, 2012
  9. “Back yard chickens case goes to case conference” By Sue Dickens, EMC Belleville – March 1, 2012
  10. “McGuinty defends school after dad’s arrest over drawing” – May 1, 2012


Trueman Tuck

Trueman Tuck, Managing Director

Friends of Freedom International


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“Red Dawn and the Chicago Spring” By Dave Hodges, Newswithviews.com - May 3, 2012


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